Book of the Home:
The Info-Sharing App that Makes Sits
Easy for Everyone Involved

The #1 thing that turns a good house-sit bad?

A lack of information.

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Book of the Home does all this and more...

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Information is everything when it comes to sits.

It makes the difference between clear expectations and crazy-making mixups.

Between being able to enjoy yourself and dealing with a hundred little headaches.

And — worst case — between everyone involved staying safe and happy and having to deal with a disaster on the fly.

The more information you have up front, the better things are for everybody. Just one problem…Right now, there’s no really good way to get all of that information.

Sure, everyone in the housesitting world has their list of questions that they ask, but there’s no standardized list, which means that more often than not, things slip through the cracks.

What’s more, there’s no really convenient way to keep track of it all, which leads to frustrating lost time as you sort through bits of information you’ve kept here and there. And let’s not even get started on the possibility of having to get (or send) a series of panicky texts when something goes wrong.

The most important part of having a good sit has always been one of the most inconvenient parts too.

Until now.

Book of the Home makes housesitting easy and enjoyable for everyone involved.

Part communications tool, part checklist, and all kinds of useful, Book of the Home makes it easy for sitters and homeowners to share all the information needed for a successful sit.

Because, let’s be honest — this whole housesitting thing is supposed to be about freedom and flexibility. Not going back and forth on endless email chains, and definitely not coming home to nasty surprises!

Book of the Home gets everyone on the same page fast.

Here’s how it works

Once you agree to a sit, you and the other party involved hop on Book of the Home and fill out a comprehensive questionnaire that includes everything you would possibly need to know for the sit.

From itineraries to insurance details, emergency contacts to kitchen quirks, WiFi speeds to special needs, it’s all covered.

What’s more, we’ve cleverly designed the app to only show you the questions relevant to your sit. (So no worries about having to filter through a zillion pages of random questions!)

So, when it comes to your next sit, what are you going to choose?

Option 1: Hope everything works out for the best, and pray you haven’t forgotten to speak about that one crucial detail.

Option 2: The email chain of doom.

Option 3: Join Book of the Home, and have everything you need for a relaxing, fun, and safe sitting experience at your fingertips, all the time. We all know it’s option 3. (See, told you we’re all about easy!) Join us on Book of the Home and bid stressful housesits goodbye.


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